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Canon デジタルカメラ Power Shot SX20 IS PSSX20ISCanon デジタルカメラ Power Shot SX20 IS PSSX20IS

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Pretty decent camera! 2010-01-14
I bought this camera as a step up from a Sony cybershot. I was only getting 2 or 3 clear shots out of 5 taken on my cybershot. So much for supersteady technology.

I bought this Canon because it seemed to trump the Nikon and Panasonic for performance.

It was everything I expected:

Not great at taking low light shots. So this means if you are in your living room on auto mode and take a pic there is a chance it will be blury. However if the person is sitting still you may be lucky with a clear pic. When you use the flash however the pic is quite good and it doesn't look like you used a flash so much. Very good color management.

Outdoors is where this camera shines. Great outdoor pics and a wonderful zoom lens. Quite fast auto focus makes taking full zoom pics quite easy.

The really great thing about this camera is the stereo video function with zoom ability during recording.

Basically if you are thinking or getting this or the Nikon or Panasonic of teh same range I recommend this camera. Good for the price. If you are semi pro or a keen amateur photographer and don't need the movie option then I recommend saving another couple of hundred dollars and get a Canon Eos Kiss / Rebel. (My next purcahse hahaha)

Great camera. Good battery life.(it uses 4 aa batteries)

Easy to use. Cool pics and vids.